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With Five steps learn how To Use Google Adsense to Earn Money From Your Blog

Google Adsense is the best Ad network when you decide to earn money from your blog content. In this blog page i will guide you how to get paid for every click on your blog. I will show you how to use Google Adsense to Earn Money From Your Blog.

I will use five easy steps. These steps will guide you through the Google ad installation process from scratch.

[ Get A Google Account > Sign Up for Google Adsense > Get Approval from Google after Verification of Blog>Sign in to Adsense and Copy the Adsense ad code> Paste the Code in your blog >Get Paid For every click on the Google Adsense Ad. ]

Since You are Reading this post. I assume that you have a blog and you want to make Money from it.

If you are thinking of  building one then I suggest you to go through the post How to start your own Blog in Eight easy steps.

Now, without wasting any time let’s get started with how to use Google Adsense in your blog. Before proceeding, let me state out the requirements for google Adsense. There are two things you need To use Google Adsense to Earn Money. Theses are :

  •  A Google Account.
  • A blog with good content.

NOW, since we know the requirements. Let’s start with Adsense.

So here is the first step.

But If you have a google account, i am sure some of you have got one then you can skip to second step directly.

How To use Google Adsense to Earn Money From A blog # Step 1 : Get A Google Account

This step is for the people who don’t have one.

Dont worry, it’s very easy and takes a little time. You will get guidance in every step with the form to sign up with google. After all it’s A  Google Account Registration form. By this account you can have number of advantages while using the internet.

Sign up with Google to have one.

Just follow the Steps and you will get your Google Account within five minutes.  It’s easy and free to do.

Use Google adsense to earn money

Use Google Adsense to earn money

We now  have the tools to proceed with Google Adsense second step.

So, let’s move on to the  second step.

How To use Google Adsense to Earn Money From A blog # Step 2 : Sign Up with Google Adsense

The second thing you have to do is sign up for the Adsense account.

Go to any search engine  > Type Google Adsense in the search bar> Click on the first Result>


This search engine click will guide you to the Google Adsense sign up page.

All you need to to do is click on the sign up now button.

This click will take you to the registration form page. Where you will have to fetch details about your blog and personal information.

And you are done with the second step.

What you need is to wait for the approval of your Adsense account. Google will confirm your Adsense account approval through your e-mail.

Once you get approval from Google Adsense group you are welcome to the third step.

How To use Google Adsense to Earn Money From A blog # Step 3 : Create Your First Adsense Ad

Here you need to Create your first Adsense ad.

Go to Google Adsense Home Page Click on the sign in button. This click will guide you through the sign in process.

After sign in you will land on Google Adsense homage. It will be inside your account section.

Under Home > Click on My Ads > Select Contents > Click on Ad Units > Select New Ad to create your new ad unit>

Next part is to Name the Ad. You can name it like  Ad By Google or  Google Ad etc.

After naming you can  leave the Global options and style part.

Select the Text style at Font.

Now, Select the Colour of the ad title and description.

You can even customise the background colour in Background option. Here you have to consider your theme style  when you select the colour.

Select Ad Type > Name the Ad > Save the Ad >


When you want the same ad code next time just follow

Sign in Adsense > at the Home Page you will find  My Ads  Select it > click on Content under My Ads click on the ad remembering the name > click on get code > copy the Adsense Code.



Congratulations on creating your first ad unit in Google Adsense.

It’s the first step to use Google Adsense to Earn Money From Your Blog.

We are now at the last second step towards implementing the Adsense code in the blog.

Follow the fourth step to install Google Adsense Code inside your blog posts and Website.

How To use Google Adsense to Earn Money From A blog # Step 4 :

Open Your Blog >  Admin Account >At the Admin Dashboard go to plugins section > Add New>

Search for Adsense in the search bar >Select and Install an Adsense ad plugin >Activate the plugin.


Then go to the Post or Page Section where you want to implant your ad.

Edit the post and you will find the ad option to insert . Add the Adsense code.

And you are done with the last step.

Before moving to the final step of how to use Google Adsense to Earn Money. I want you to check whether the ad is working or not. It may take the ad few minutes and sometime hours to be live.

Once Your Adsense ad is live your fourth step is complete.

Now, let’s move on to the last step

How To use Google Adsense to Earn Money From A blog # Step 5 :

Finally you are at the last step.  In this step all you have to do Is write some more great stuff in your blog.

Be regular to write your blog posts.  It will Bring some more visitors  to your webpage.

Share your new articles in social media platform and other blog platform.

Now seat down and wait……

As soon as some one clicks your ad within minutes your Adsense account will be credited with the fees amount.

And when you will receive your first click. Then  your last step will complete.

If you want to momentise your blog through Affiliate Marketing.

Then you may find this article helpful  How to Get start with any affiliate Marketing network to earn some real cash with no investment in four easy steps. 


 I would love to hear from you if it was helpful for you. Comment below..