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Steps to Learn And Earn a certificate from World’s Leading University

How cool it would be,  if you can learn from any leading university from all over the world.  For me learning from MIT, HARVARD OR OXFORD is a dream come true opportunity. I think this is one of the best thing you can do Online. It will help to utilise your time and internet connection in a wise way. It will also boost up your knowledge. You can learn any Professional course if you were thinking to have one while working on what you are doing now. In this page I will guide you through how to enroll in Professional Certificate Course Online in the World’s Leading university.

You just need to spend Half n Hour to One hour a day to learn any Professional course.

Thanks to the open Course Ware system education. It  provides Open Learning Opportunity to all the people from all over the internet.

The one and only requirement to Enroll in these classes is quiet unique and unusual. You don’t have to pay for learning.

Knowledge was always for free. And these open course ware system is inspired from the idea to share knowledge globally. This is a online Education system.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can enroll in the course. And learn the course for free.

In case you need to highlight your knowledge through a certificate. Then these university have the provision to provide you with a verified certificate. All you need is to pay a small fees.  Don’t worry this is a small fees. And they charge only to Prepare your Certificate  and send it to you.

How to enroll in Professional Certificate Course Online : Step#1

Go to www.edx.org >Register an Account > Activate Your Account >

How to enroll in Professional Certificate Course Online : Step#2

Search from Course you are interested in then.

> Select the Course> Click on Enroll to join in the Course for free > Select Audit This Course >

How to enroll in Professional Certificate Course Online : Step#3


>Set the learning plan as Earn Certificate>Select Start Course at the top >


enroll in Professional Certificate Course Online

Watch videos. Take part in discussion and write Assignments.

If you want a certificate then

Attend Exams to Qualify the Cutoff mark and Get a verified  Certificate from that designated university online.

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