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How Start your own blog within Eight easy steps

Since you are at this Blog page, Congratulations  for taking the first step to  learn something new. Also let me take the advantage of assuming that you have read my first blog post Best ways to utilise internet. Where I have point out the advantages of blogging. And why Blogging is the first internet product I have reviewed.  Here below I will guide you through how to Create your own blog in 8 easy steps.

At first let me list out the requirements to create your own blog

1. Domain Name.    2. Hosting Service.  3. Interest in blogging. (Your signature style on how you put the things on your blog.)

I am using godaddy hosting and domain plan since 2011. Also in between these phase I have tried other hosting services. Comparing all the hosting service available online I have best experience  with the Godaddy Hosting plans.

In this page I will guide you through Godaddy Hosting service. I will follow 8 easy steps to teach how to Create your own blog within half an hour.

Now I ask you to have a look at the products and prices in this website I strongly recommend you to check out the website and hosting section. And I suggest you to Sign Up for an account in . It is free and will help you to get up to fifty percent discount on your first purchase.

Since you are familiar with the site, not wasting much of your time  let me start with the first step –

Create your own blog Step # 1 :  Decide Your Area of interest 


This is the first step to Create your own blog. You have to decide your area of interest. You have to decide your topic. And hence you need to select a domain name that suits your topic needs.

So the first step is to SELECTING THE DOMAIN NAME. 

Before proceeding to second step I suggest you to write down your domain name in a note. You don’t have to buy the domain now. The hosting plan I will describe in next step provide a free domain for your first year.

So, let’s move to the 2nd step :


Create your own blog Step # 2 : Select Hosting Plan


While selecting the hosting plan. I will suggest you to go with the Economy Plan. This plan  provides a Free domain name for one year validity. And also free subscription to  1 year business e-mail plan. I will guide you about the advantages of e-mail business plan once you complete the set up of your blog.

So, now follow the given steps to buy your hosting plan.


Start Blogging

Start Blogging


After you have added your hosting plan in your cart. You will automatically will be guided to choose your own domain. This is the time where you get a free domain with your hosting plan.


Now take out the note where you have written the domain name you wanted to use. The availability of the domain name does matter here this time. You may get a slight variation in the name if your luck slips.


Now type your domain name in search bar. When you find your match click in select and continue. This click will guide you through your Godaddy Cart.

Here, the last thing you have to do is enter your payment information. After completing the purchase we now have the tools to get started with the website making process.

Taking the domain name and hosting plan in hand let’s move on to the third steps to create your own blog.


Create Your own blog step # 3 : Manage Hosting

Now we have the raw materials in hand to create your own blog or a website. What we need to do is Connect the Domain name with the Hosting service.

Go to My Account > My Product > Web Hosting > Click on  Manage .


After this you will be redirected to C Panel Admin page in your hosting plan.

Click on C Panel Admin > Application  

C Panel Admin click will bring you to the Hosting Home Page.

This is the page where you manage your website and blog resources. I suggest you not to edit any file on this page.

We just have completed three of the major steps in creating your own blog. This is the part where we prepare your hosting plan to join with the domain name.

Now we are ready to start the compilation process. In order to proceed to the 4th step you need to click at the Application button shown marked above.

So, let’s proceed with the next step to Create your own blog.


Create Your Own Blog Step  # 4 : Install WordPress


Application > under Content management Application click on WordPress > Click on Install this App> Fill up information > Finish Set up

Now, After clicking at Application you are directed to Application store where you will find hundreds of free Applications to create your blog. Under the Applications you will find Apps for Content Management.  You need to click on the WordPress Application under this section.



Install the WordPress by clicking in the Install button shown marked below.


Before the installation process begin you need to select your domain name from the drop down menu. You can leave the optional part.



Fill up the Administration user name and password. You will have to remember the username and password.

Or you can write it somewhere safe. You will need this username and password in order edit  your blog.

The e-mail ID you will provide here is used to communicate with you by WordPress team in case of any  updates. So I suggest you to provide your best e-mail id which you visit frequently.

Fill up your blog title which is generally the domain name.

Be cautious while you select your Tagline. The Tagline provides the info about the blog content.

Tagline must be catchy, short and effective. Tagline you use  should concentrate on the main theme of the content of the blog.


After filling up the requisite information click on Install.

The installation process will take from two to three minutes. Relax and wait to complete the installation process.


Here you have completed all the technical requirement to create your own blog.  We now have a fresh and absolutely Brand new blog.

Now go to My Application section and click the wp-admin button. Fill up your user name and password you have used while installing WordPress.

Your blog is good to go now.  But before you  write your first blog post let’s Install a perfect theme for your blog.

So, our next step to Create your own blog is to install a WordPress theme.

Create Your own Blog Step # 5 : Install WordPress Theme


Account  > Dashboard > Appearance > Theme  > Select >  Install 

Now you need to install a theme which suits your blog content. Theme gives the aesthetic value and provide performance of the blog.

I suggest that in order to look beautiful and become user-friendly you will have to use a simple and elegant theme. Most of the theme here are free. . I suggest you to browse the Popular and Godaddy Themes in the theme section. I will guide you through one of this.


Now, you are in the theme library. Choose your theme from the Godaddy theme section. There you will find some best rated new themes that may suits your blog needs.


In order to install the theme you just need to select the theme and click on the Install button over the theme.

And you have done with the last third step! The last second step will deal with the SEO plugin. It will help to create your post search engine friendly.

So, let’s move to the second last step to Create your own blog.


Create Your own Blog Step # 6 : Install SEO Plugin


In order to make your posts and pages user-friendly SEO plugin helps a lot. You can write SEO rich content by using one of these plugin.

There are thousands of SEO plugin all over the internet. I recommend you to install the Yoast SEO plugin.  This plugin is user-friendly and easy to use.


—–     Five WordPress Plugins you must install to optimise your Blog ——–


Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Install plugin > Activate Plugin . 


Now let’s move to the last step to Create your own blog


Create your own Blog Step # 7 : Create New Page


This is the last step to your first blog post. Make the required pages and category for your first blog post.

Go to Dashboard in WordPress Admin home page. Select Pages > New Page.

You will have the opportunity to create the category inside your first blog post.


Yo…  this is the last step blog appearance and SEO which was the last touch up before you write your first blog post .

Now, It’s time to publish your blog and let the world know about the existence of your blog. Let’s move to the last section Of how to create your own blog and publish your first Post.

So, here it is


Create your own Blog Step # 8 : Publish Your Own First Blog Post

Write the title and  content post.  Insert an  image in the post to look it more attractive. You will find the featured image section below the content editor. AND

Click PUBLISH….. 

*Congratulations on publishing your first blog post. You are  now live online. Share and keep improving the content*.

If you want to monetize your blog then I will suggest to read How to Start with Affiliate Marketing and How Google Adsense Works on blog. 


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