Affiliate marketing

How to Get start with any affiliate Marketing network to earn some real cash with no investment in four easy steps

Steps for affiliate marketing

Steps for affiliate marketing

Let me Guess ! You are in this web page because you want to earn some money online ? You may have a blog which you want to momentise. Or you have a fresh idea to start a new blog . If you want some help to set up your new blog I suggest you to read   How Start your own blog within Eight easy steps.   Now, before we move on to the affiliate marketing set up process.  Let me tell you what Affiliate Network Marketing is all about.

What is affiliate marketing?

In simple word When you sell someone else product in return of a commission then this process is called Affiliate Marketing.

It is the best way through which you can make some real cash without any investment. All you need is a internet connection. This is the way through which I have made my first earning with the help of internet and my social media account.

Okay, now before wasting any time let me guide you through the steps required to start your affiliate marketing business.

Sign up in Affiliate Program > Choose Product to promote > Copy Affiliate link > Share the link through Social Media, blog or in  Messenger > Get Paid Through Every Sell through your affiliate link . 

These are the steps through which you can start your affiliate marketing business right now.

See internet is loaded with all kind of products. From your tooth brush to your First Car. We can get any kinds of product sitting at home.

Online market is far more better than physical shopping when you need some fancy items and imported one.

Taking this advantage you have a lot of product that you can Promote.  And of course every affiliate network market are free to sign up. But in order to succeed in this business you have to make your own trend.

The another best thing of affiliate marketing is that we can even earn while we shop from our own affiliate link. Most of the online store provide affiliate marketing program. Next time don’t forget to check before you buy any item online. It will provide you with extra discount from the affiliate Commission. And since you are buying that item that must be of  something good use. So while you recommend the product to any of your boss, co-workers, family member, relative or friend then instead of sharing the direct link provide them with the affiliate one. It will provide you some extra cash.

Now , you know that how affiliate network works. I want to share my favourite affiliate network with you. I will demonstrate how you can earn from the world’s best online store by using your Facebook account.  If you shop online you must have purchased something from this site.  Yes, I am talking about the online giant

I will guide you through the steps required for your first sell.  I will show step by step method to sell Amazon product through Affiliate Marketing Program using your Facebook account.

Requirements for your Affiliate Marketing Business :

  • Facebook Account and
  • Amazon Central Account.

Let me assume that you have your own facebook account. If not you can follow the same steps in other  social media forum. Even you can use your e email and what’s app to promote the product.

So let’s get ready with the first step

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Step #1 :

Sign up with Amazon Central Program.

Go to in order to register yourself in amazon affiliate Program. Then click on Join for free.

How to start affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing

Here we need the social media account information. Now copy your Facebook account url and paste in the website url place.

Now after you complete Account Information > Facebook account id url > profile section. 

You have earned your own affiliate account. Just after completing the first step you have got all the tools you need to start your affiliate Marketing business. By using Facebook and other social media platform.

Now we have both the tools to start our online business. Let’s move to the 2nd step to choose the Product.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Step #2 :

Sign in to your Amazon Affiliate Account you have just created.

Now follow the steps to choose the product and get the affiliate link to promote.

Main Menu >Hover on Product Linking > Click on Product link >

The product link click will guide you to the affiliate product market. You can choose over variety of items and category.

Select from the category in search buttonwrite your Product Name in For > Click Go for searching your product. 


After searching the product you are in the last stage of your second step.

Select from Search Results > Click the triangle button to get the link for the product > Copy the link>

Let’s move to the last step to get started with the marketing part.

We now have the product in hand. What we need to do is sell the product and earn commission per every valid sale. We need online based customer to sell the product.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Step #3 :

Promote the link in your Facebook account.

Now delete the url section carefully. Write one good review about that product instead.

Delete Affiliate Url > Write One Good Review > Click Publish>

You have Done with all the technical stuffs with your affiliate marketing business set up using Facebook.

Now let’s move to the fourth and last section of the steps.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Using Facebook Step #4 :

In this step you have to relax and sit down. Your fourth step will complete once someone makes a valid purchase through your affiliate link.

So, at the time you open your Facebook account share your post to your friend circle and other groups.

You can also share with the facebook group with specific purposes. Only if your product match them.

Now, you can browse the commission list below. You can  calculate  your potential earning figure through this list.

Congratulations on your Live Affiliate Network Marketing Business. If you have a blog, and you want to momentise it with Google Adsense I will suggest you to go through the page Five Easy steps on How You can Earn from Google Adsense.

I would love to hear from you about your first sale.

Please do comment After how many hours or day you got your first sale ?