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How to utilise Your  internet Connection For your Maximum benefit

Best ways to utilise internet

Best ways to utilise internet

Good day, Since you are in this web page let me introduce you about this blog Tagline is Best ways to utilise internet. This blog is about how to utilise your internet for the maximum benefit. By best utilization I am referring to –

  • Tap into the power of internet.
  • Rediscover the power of internet buried within you.
  • Develop a positive and productive mental attitude.

You can get rich. If you love spending time online. By getting rich i am referring to financial and merit status with equal values.


First of all this blog is not for someone looking for Electronics product review, software related review or movie review.

This blog is for the one who want to use the internet at it’s best. The blog is for the one who want to spend some quality time with internet.

This blog is for the people searching for Best ways to utilise internet. I have dedicated this blog for the people who spends scrolling over internet more than 5 hours a day.

Best ways to utilise internet

Best ways to utilise internet

Before you make any judgement let me introduce myself. I am a civil engineer by profession with a hobby of internet browsing.

I am blogging for last four years.  When i was at my highschool  I learned about internet for the first time. (Computer labs searching in Wikipedia and no more…) At school it was impossible to spend more time with internet. The Computer class was our only source.

And finally got my own internet connection by 2010.

Since then i have spent over 5 to 10 hours a day over browsing internet and make webpages. So, after browsing and learning for seven years.

Now i have decided to share my knowledge over HOW YOU CAN GET THE MAXIMUM BENEFITS OF USING INTERNET.  

That is why i have come up with the idea of the ways to get rich being online. This idea is filtered out from best ways to utilise internet and it’s benefits.

In this blog you will learn about How to use the internet to make it pay for you.

These are some Best ways to utilise internet. NOW

HERE, I will review five (5) of the internet Best unusual products which will definitely help you to utilise the internet in a better way. If you can put 2  hours a day in any of the following product i have listed below.

I assure you that you will see a huge difference in your life in next 30 days.

There will be significant upgrade of your financial status. There will be a massive change in your merit. After reading this post – Best ways to utilise internet. You will have the opportunity to learn any course from world’s leading university online.

Beside these huge benefits of internet we are gifted with one of the best thing ever happened in internet. Yes i am talking about webpages. I am talking about the websites and  blogs.

Without websites and blogs internet will merely provide information.

With a blog you can have the opportunity to talk globally. Everyone will listen from all over the world. If you are good at something you can let the world know.

Blogs and websites are for those people who loves reaching audience globally. Thank god that we can now share our life stories, our creative ideas to all the people on earth.

Now, let’s start with the this very best way to utilise your  internet connection. Which is on the topic how you can create your own blog.

And here are the steps that will guide you till your first blog post.


1. Best ways to utilise internet # 

Make A Blog

If you are planning Reach your thought and product globally and earn some money from it. Then i suggest you to invest your daily 2 hours in your blog.

Best ways to utilise internet

Best ways to utilise internet

Dedicate 2 to 3 hours in your own blog. Write about your favourite content. Please your viewers with tour creative writings. It will improve your audience circle globally. And finally turn the audience into a valuable customer.

Some of the Major benefits of blogging are

  • Yow can have your own site.
  • Share your life experiences to the world to make them learn from your life experience.
  • You can maintain a travel diary online to provide guidelines to the beautiful places of the world you have travelled.
  • You can Promote and sell  product through your blog website.
  • Share your knowledge to the world.
  • Get Global audience.

BLOGGING BENEFITS | Step by step instructions to your first blog post | Creating Your Own Website.

AND the best thing is that you can make money through all of these listed above. Blogs provide earning provision for fresh & unique contents and writings.



2. Best ways to utilise internet

Affiliate Marketing

Dedicate your daily 2 hours in  AFFILIATE MARKETING with your social media account to Earn the Month needs.

Best ways to utilise internet

Best ways to utilise internet

This is the second best product of internet. With the help of online affiliate marketing you can leave your full time job. If you have a marketing mindset. Then I will suggest you to choose affiliate marketing as time pass besides scrolling your social site pages.

You just need to focus on how much you want to earn. You will find this is one of the best ways to utilise internet. It can provide you with your monthly needs if you just focus a little.

Some of the Major benefits of affiliate marketing are

  • Zero Risk High Profit Business.
  • Free to start.
  • No need to have your own product.
  • Nothing to loose.
  • You can use your social media account and platform to sell the affiliate products.


Affiliate Marketing  – Ways to earn money online.| How affiliate network works | Step by step instruction for clickbank and ShareAsale network.



3. Best ways to utilise internet

Google Adsense

Your financial condition improves abruptly once you dedicate your daily 2 hours in your blog content with GOOGLE ADSENSE

Best ways to utilise internet

Best ways to utilise internet

Here is the third product. This internet product is from Google. If you have a webpage or blog then this is for you.

You can earn a loads of money from your webpage content. For fresh and unique contents google provides the best Ad for your blog. You just have to know about the keyword bids. It will provide your blog with the highest rate ads available.

Benefits of Google Adsense

  • Best ad market for Writing blogs, Travel diaries.
  • Free to start.
  • Get paid for every click.
  • Content based ad.
  • You can earn up to 5000 dollar per month based on your content from Adsense alone.
  • Low Risk  high profit online product.

Google Adsense | step by step instruction to earn money from Adsense.



4. Best ways to utilise internet

E Certificate Program

If you put your  2 hours a day in  E LEARNING section you will be able to study in the world’s leading university.

Join any course you Want to learn from world’s leading university.

Yes, now you can learn and earn your favorite courses online. You can even earn a certificate from that designated university. Learning have never been so easy.

Best ways to utilise internet

Best ways to utilise internet

With this internet platform we are blessed actually. This the fourth internet product i am talking in this blog. It is one of the best ways to utilise internet and your time.

You can learn what you always wanted to. And that too from your own home or your work.

With the massive open course ware system education is reaching globally.

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Free to Learn the courses. No need of Payment for Learning.
  • Learn from world’s leading university.
  • Earn a certificate of your favourite course from your favourite college from all over the world.
  • Global learning opportunity.
  • Free to Register in the learning portal.
  • Learn from MIT, Harvard, Oxford university, IIT, RIT and from all over the global universities.

E Certificate – Online learning portal | Ways to learn from global universities from your Study Room.



5. Best ways to utilise internet

E Book

You will notice a tremendous change in your knowledge gaining capacity if you choose your 2 hours in E BOOKS.

Books are said to be the best friends of human beings. Books provides knowledge. And knowledge is sufficient to solve any riddles of life. Reading books online is also a good utilisation of your internet connection.

Here is why this is among  best ways to utilise internet. I will explain what are the major benefits of e books . I will point out the benefits of a online library.

In this section I will urge about the benefits of using online book portals. Why you should use e books and  follow  e-book portal ? Before this let me point put the basic advantages of using e books in Online stores.

Major benefits of E books

  • Available anytime from any where of the world.
  • No need to physically carry the books with your luggage.
  • Very much Cheaper than the physical version.
  • E library for similar kind and category of books.
  • Global library collection.

Besides these above mentioned ways you can have number of ideas. With which you can wisely use your online time. But these are the best ways to utilise internet and implement your ideas online.